Cultural heritage monitoring information system — HeMo (Heritage Monitoring)

Start of implementation: March 2022.
Multi-project product created with the support of Cultural Emergency Response (CER), Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative (SCRI), Prince Claus Fund, World Monuments Fund World Monuments Fund (WMW) and other public and intergovernmental organizations providing financial, material and expert assistance.
Budget: variable
Performer: Heritage Emergency Response Initiative (HERI)
Administration: Tustan NGO

Work continues on the creation of a comprehensive information system on the state of cultural heritage sites in Ukraine. In it, we accumulate information from external open sources - from the website "Destroyed Cultural Heritage of Ukraine" of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy, the list of damaged cultural monuments in Ukraine, verified by UNESCO , from information from our partners - international organizations, regional military administrations, other initiatives, as well as from information collected during own expeditions to document the loss and damage of cultural heritage.
The collected and processed information is displayed in the form of electronic directories, as well as plotted in separate layers on the map. So, by choosing a certain attraction, you can get a profile with all available data about it. The information system is filled with the results of surveys, recording, and description of damage and loss of objects of immovable cultural heritage (buildings, landmarks), objects of movable heritage (museums and other gatherings and collections), as well as cultural institutions that take care of them.

The entire information system is developed on the basis of current international standards for working with data (ISO 21127, SKOS, etc.), with the aim of ensuring technical and semantic interoperability, enabling effective information interaction with Ukrainian and foreign colleagues.

Such an information system allows for a more comprehensive approach to documenting the loss and damage of cultural heritage, provides preparation for the recovery and restoration of damaged objects, helps to form a basis for forensic proceedings and the return of illegally displaced objects of cultural heritage.

The data of the information system are presented in an overview on the platform Extended access is granted to individuals and institutions that use the restoration of monuments and have a justified professional need to use them.

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